Practical information

I offer consultations and ongoing therapy sessions that last for 50 minutes and there is a charge for the first consultation.
Given that I am registered in both America and in the Netherlands, my services are reimbursable by most insurances companies whether they be American, Dutch or international.
It is important that clients contact their own health insurer to understand the coverage and other terms of their policy in order to avoid any misunderstandings.
My policy is that clients pay me directly for the service and receive reimbursement from their health insurance and fees can be discussed by phone.
My cancellation policy is that sessions will be charged if I am not given 24 hours notice.

The amount of time between first contact and consultation and therapy is approximately 7 to 10 days.

Any complaint process would be handled by the Nederlands Instituut of Psychologen.

This practice conforms to all privacy laws as mandated by the AVG. Please click here for the Privacy Statement.

Link to the professional “Kwaliteitsstatuut” (Quality Assurance regulation) can be found here.